Parenting Presentations Available

The professional staff of Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd., have a wide range of expertise and experience with parenting issues.  We offer presentations on a variety of parenting topics such as those listed below. If you have another topic in mind, please contact us and we will let you know if we have a presenter who can address it for you.

1-2-3 Magic!  Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

1-2-3 Magic! can also be offered for teachers as effective classroom discipline. (Pre-K – Grade 8)

ADHD (All ages)

Adolescent Development: How and Why They Change (middle and high)

Anxiety (all ages)

Attachment  – Forming Relationships with your Children (elementary)

Building my Child’s Self-Esteem (all ages)

Chores – Still an Important Parenting Tool! (all ages)

Circle of Security –  Enhancing Attachment Between Parent and Child (elementary)

Common Parenting Errors with Teens (middle and high)

Communication with Teens (middle and high)

Creating a Parenting Blueprint (all ages)

Depression (all ages)

Help! My Child is Gay! (middle and high)

How Can I Discipline my Teenager? (middle and high)

Instilling Values and Character Traits in Children (all ages)

Internet Safety (middle and high)

Kazdin Parent Management System (overview – elementary and middle)

  1. How to give directions effectively
  2. What positive reinforcement is and how to use it
  3. How to develop your own reinforcement plans
  4. Mild punishment; what place does it have it have in developing appropriate behaviors
  5. How to decrease annoying, irritating behaviors
  6. How to address and improve behavioral issues that are either non-existent, inconsistent, or complicated

Limit Setting (all ages)

Parent Development: From Adversary to Advisor (middle and high)

Safe Travels Through Technology (middle and high)

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (middle and high)

Single Parenting (all ages)

Staying Close to Your Kids (middle and high)

Stop Enabling – Allow Your Child to Grow! (all ages)

Structure in the Home to Develop Well-Behaved Children (elementary and middle)

Talking to Kids and Teens about Drugs & Alcohol (middle and high)

Talking to Kids about Intimacy (middle and high)

Teaching Problem Solving and Decision Making (middle and high)

Teen Angst – What is it and How am I Going to Survive it? (middle and high)

Teen Depression: Symptoms and Tips for Parents (middle and high)

Trauma (all ages)

Understanding Challenging Teenagers (middle and high)

Violence and Youth –  Addresses bullying and being bullied (all ages)

Feel free to contact us regarding a presentation on the above topics.  If you have another topic in mind, simply let us know.  If we have the expertise, we will be happy to accommodate your request.

For more information, contact  You may also call Karen Wrolson at 608.785.7000 Ext 277.



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