Course 301: Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager Level 1

Currently know as: Parenting with Love and Limits® (PLL) – this is the original Level 1 psycho-education course based on the Best Selling Book, “Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager”™ by Dr. Scott Sells,. Parents learn specific skills in class and role-play and practice these new skills. This integration of education and practice enables parents to transfer these new skills to real-life situations and prevent relapse. The program provides a set of step-by-step, practical tools that can  be used immediately.

Course meets 6 weeks for 2 hours per session.


Assessing the situation: If you answer yes to one or more of the following, please contact us.

Stage 1: Behavior Problems

Is youth becoming more rebellious and experiencing behavior problems on a consistent basis over a six-month period?

Stage 2: Negative Interaction

Is the youth failing to comply with requests more often? Is disrespect increasing? Are adults lecturing more and are negative interactions occurring between 90% to 100% of the time?

Stage 3: Conditional Love

Are rewards, outings or signs of affection based on how good the youth’s behavior was? Are most positive interactions based on youth’s behavior for the week/day? Do you think, “Just behave for a little while…”

Stage 4: Emotional Deprivation

Is there little positive feeling left toward youth? Are you feeling so “burned” by previous rejections you are ready to stop trying?

Stage 5: Second Family Takes Over

Has youth adopted a “second family” of peers, gangs, or drugs? Are you of little influence anymore over youth?

Stage 6: Stuck In a Vicious Cycle

Does it seem like you are making more and more rules and enforcing consequences all the time?  Are you exhausted and spending most of your energy and time wondering what will happen next?

Stage 7: Teen Becomes Hardened & Lacks Remorse/Empathy

Are you finding the teen cares about nothing or anyone they may hurt?   Do they seem to only care about themselves or what others can do for them?

Here is what you will learn:

  1. Understanding why your teen misbehaves: parents learn why their teen commit acts of parent abuse.
  2. Button-pushing: parents learn how their teen pushes their hot buttons (whining, disgusted look, swearing, etc.)
  3. Ironclad contracting: parents learn how and why their old methods of contracting have failed, as well as the steps to assemble a contract that works.
  4. Troubleshooting: parents learn how teens have a special ability called “enhanced social perception” to think two steps ahead.
  5. Stopping the seven aces: parents choose creative consequences to stop the seven “aces” of disrespect, ditching or failing school, running away, drugs or alcohol, sexual promiscuity, violence, and threats of suicide.
  6. Reclaiming lost love: parents learn to understand how conflict hinders the parent–child relationship and strategies to repair it.

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