Course 101: Parent Magic: 1-2-3 Magic!

CEU’s AVAILABLE =  .4 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or 4 contact hours through University of Wisconsin La Crosse Continuing Education

FamilyPark softedge.jpgWelcome to 1-2-3 Magic – home of the bestselling parenting books and programs that have delivered effective parenting solutions to millions of families worldwide. This simple, yet powerful approach to disciplining kids has won rave reviews from parents, educators and professionals alike.

Kids are just kids! In addition to being delightful, charming and affectionate, children can also present their adult caretakers with a steady diet of difficult behavior: whining, arguing, teasing, fighting, yelling, tantrums and pouting. For this reason, clinical psychologist, Dr. Thomas W. Phelan designed the
1-2-3 Magic program to bring practical, easy-to-use discipline techniques to families and educators.

Are you frustrated trying to find an effective and positive way to discipline your children? Most parents want their kids to listen and they want to enjoy their family life. That’s why ParentMagic offers parenting solutions that are easy-to-learn and that WORK!You won’t need to study child psychology to understand the three simple steps in the 1-2-3 Magic! program and get results quickly! This is a three hour workshop. For locations and dates and to register, click here.


  • control obnoxious behavior. learn a simple technique to get your kids to stop doing what you don’t wantthem to do (whining, arguing, tantrums, sibling rivalry, etc.).
  • encourage good behavior. learn several effective methods to get your kids to start doing what you do wantthem to do (cleaning rooms, going to bed, homework, etc.).
  • strengthen relationships. learn four powerful techniques that reinforce your bond with your children

You will also learn how to manage the Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation, how to handle misbehavior in public and how to avoid the Talk-Persuade-Argue-Yell-Hit Syndrome.


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