Parent Coaching

A Parent Coach is a highly trained, caring professional with extensive background of education and experiences who helps you discover constructive ways to address a situation that may be causing you some concern, assists you in identifying your goals, and helps you with designing action steps to attain them. A Parent Coach encourages you to discover and address stresses and challenges that may be impacting you and your children, helping you evaluate your current resources and strengths in place that are already supportive and then guiding you to tap into them more efficiently.


  • Having an objective sounding board and resource person for decisions that will greatly affect you and your child, such as: Should I work part-time; full time? What preschool or school is best for my child? How can I set firmer boundaries with my teen and stick with them? How do I give each of my children their share of me when there is only one of me?
  • Making your life easier by providing practical ideas and tips based on the latest research such as how best to give homework help; how to motivate your child more effectively; how to ask questions and use language that is developmentally appropriate for your child.
  • Assessing you and your spouse’s parenting styles and showing you how to leverage the strengths of each of your styles to deal more effectively with your current parenting challenge.
  • Providing specific principles and research-based effective methods for controlling and managing TV, video, video games, and media’s influences.
  • Addressing sibling rivalry, discipline challenges, and peer-related issues so you get more breathing room.
  • Helping overwhelmed new parents with all the changes a baby brings.
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