Marriage & Couples Counseling

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Our counseling services and workshops for couples have been shown to:

  • Increase intimacy and closeness in a relationship
  • Decrease criticism, contempt, defensiveness and withdrawl during conflict
  • Build a culture of praise and appreciation
  • Increase teamwork in a marriage
  • Assist couples learning to keep conflict from burning out of control
  • Stop couples from pushing each others ‘hot buttons’
  • Start couples working towards comforting each other and delighting in each other
  • Teach couples to negotiate and talk about the most important of aspects of their marriage in a safe and secure way
  • Solve challenging problems of communication, sexual relationships, finances, co-parenting, household chores, fun and recreation, In-Laws, religious differences, and intimacy
  • Craft a marriage the way both partners envisioned the marriage

FACT: Current estimates of divorce rates indicate at least 50% of first marriages and 62% of second marriages end in divorce.

FACT: Marriages and families face more severe threats to relationship stability than ever before.

FACT: Research shows that on average, couples wait six years from the first signs of problems before they seek help. This is too long.

FACT: We believe we can help by providing therapeutic and educational services to couples that maintain stablitity, increase love and respect, and repair damaged hearts.

Benefits include:

  • Increased fondness and admiration
  • Improved friendship
  • Increased positive perspective of your partner
  • break through and resolve conflict when feeling stuck and spinning your wheels
  • Increased understanding between you and your spouse
  • Keeping conflicts calm
  • Making life dreams come true and honoring each others dreams
  • Creating shared meaning
  • Keeping love alive and going throughout your marriage