Circle of Security Parenting®


The Circle of Security® Parenting protocol is an innovative intervention program designed to improve the developmental pathway of children and their caregivers.

The Circle of Security® Parenting Program has integrated over fifty years of early child development research into a DVD-based intervention that strengthens parents’ abilities to observe and improve their caregiving skills. 

Every child comes into the world seeking a secure relationship with her/his caregivers. The Circle of Security® Parenting (TM) program taught by our registered Circle of Security® Educators are designed to promote that security.

This model was created by Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Bert Powell from Marycliff Institute in Spokane, Washington. and is supported by Advocates for Children in Therapy (ACT)! Circle of Security® Parenting Program can be presented in both a group or one-to-one education, either in your home or in our office.

The Difference that Makes the Difference

After 30 years of research, we know securely attached children:

  • Enjoy more happiness and less anger with their parents
  • Turn to their parents for help when in trouble
  • Are more cooperative and collaborative
  • Are more independent and self starting
  • Have built in abilities to sooth themselves
  • Get along better with friends, and solve problems within the relationships.
  • Have better relationships with brothers and sisters
  • Trust the people they love
  • Know how to be kind to those around them
  • Have higher self esteem
  • Know that most problems will have an answer
  • Trust that good things will come their way
  • Have happier marriages as adults

Upcoming Circle of Security® Classes:

Why COSP™: A Path to Good Enough from Circle of Security International on Vimeo.