Tough Choices Program

Tough Choices: (formerly Corrective Thinking) Ages 12 to 17

The “Tough Choices” program helps youth think and manage their emotions, including anger in more productive ways.

This group is for youth aged 12 through 17 who are demonstrating  behavior problems in the home, community, and/or school setting. The group is appropriate for children who are having difficulty expressing their emotions, whether they externalize their feelings (e.g. yell, scream, hit) or internalize them (appear isolated and sad).

The curriculum provokes the awareness needed to look inside and be honest about the areas of their life that are not working and it encourages them to find a reason to want to change their behavior.   The program also has a unique component of a Behavioral Specialist going into the youth’s homes and working with them and the parents on behavioral contracts and/or any other issues that come up with the youth.

Groups typically meet twice or three times per week.  Groups are scheduled by family need.

Benefits of Tough Choices:

  1. Increased pro-social behavior and attitudes in youth
  2. Decreased anti-social thought process and behaviors in youth
  3. Increased cooperation and sense of community
  4. Decreased arguing and tactics to avoid accountability
  5. Develops and maintain gains in treatment for responsible endurance
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