Think Ahead Program

Think Ahead Program (ages 10 to 14)

Developmentally, socially and emotionally, all middle school students are desperately fighting for personal power. Across all economic and cultural strata students are having great difficulty dealing with their past and present experiences which create the negative messages in their automatic thoughts. These thoughts often cripple their ability to learn, thrive and succeed. (“I’m not good enough”. “I am not lovable, safe etc.”) These negative thoughts and emotions need to be addressed and healed before we can replace them with new survival skills that build character and personal power. This is a 12 week group that meets twice weekly.  Dates and times to be determined by needs of participants.

Benefits of Think Ahead Program:

  • increased personal responsibility
  • increased honesty with self and others
  • increased self-respect and respect for others
  • increased self control
  • increased patience and tolerance
  • increased cooperation
  • increased citizenship and patriotism
  • decreased discipline referrals at school
  • learned effective problem solving skills
  • improved parent child relationship resulting in a more harmonious home
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