REALBaby – Baby Simulation Program

SCCS provides REALBaby – an interactive infant simulation used around the world to teach proper infant care skills and to prevent adolescent pregnancy. A real care baby is provided and is the only infant simulator that monitors and measures the care it receives. A subsequent report is provided about the care the infant receives and a therapist will process the experience with the youth and parents.

Benefits of REALBaby:

  • marriage becomes essential or very important before having children by 80 percent of the participants in the program,
  • 65 percent of teenagers indicate participation in the program makes them more likely to postpone sex,
  • gives teenagers a reason to say “no” to sex,
  • increases communication with the teenager about sexual attitudes, parental restrictions, risk factors, and peer pressure,
  • teenagers develop more favorable views regarding abstinence from premarital sex and more positive attitudes toward the use of contraception,
  • teenagers develop a more realistic idea of parenting after the program and the work it takes to raise a child; it decreases the fantasy of what having a child would be like (89 percent),
  • reported use of birth control or protection increased from 22.2 percent to 28.7 percent,
  • delays the age at which teenagers desire to have a child,” from approximately 23 to 25 years, and
  • delays child bearing for teenagers who want children before graduating high school (from 8.7 percent to 1.5 percent.
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