Youth Tracking Program


The purpose of the Youth Tracking Program, (YTP), is to assist children and teens, ages 10-17, and their families in developing a more harmonious family life.  Secondary purposes are to assist the young in achieving success in both the school and the community.   The Youth Tracking Program assists parents in establishing and enforcing appropriate rules in the home.  The YTP uses the Parenting with Love and Limits Model which is rated an exemplary program by the ODJJP.

The Youth Tracking Program includes:

  1. Daily face-to-face monitoring by program trackers. This usually consists of 1-2 visits per day unannounced. The level of monitoring can be determined by the referring social worker.
  2. Development of a framework of rules in the home regarding behavior, chores, curfew, etc.
  3. Parents are consulted on a daily basis to rate child’s behavior and compliance with the program.
  4. The YTP Manager will conduct weekly coaching sessions to address child’s progress in the program.   The sessions will consist of addressing behavioral problems in the home, the community,  and at school; providing guidance, support, education, and consultation to the family; and empowering parents to take initiative and follow through.
  5. Weekly contact with child’s school to ensure compliance and note any behavior issues.
  6. Immediate notification to social worker if crisis occurs.
  7. Weekly email updates to referring agent.
  8. Monthly evaluations are sent to referring agent.


  1. The levels of tracking services can be adjusted to the needs of client or at the discretion of the child’s social worker.  Some of the options are:
  2. Use of electronic monitoring
  3. Monitoring time when not in school or at home
  4. Monitoring school behavior, attendance, and completion of work
  5. Drug testing
  6. Monitoring and assistance with community service hours and/or other community involvement
  7. REALBaby Program
  8. Job seeking assistance along with work ethic training
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