The Five Love Languages of Teenagers (Paperback)


Learn to Speak Love in the Language Your Teenager Understands Best. Just like adults, teenagers desperately need to feel that they are loved. Yet communicating this truth to our kids can be challenging, since people naturally give and receive love in distinctand often conflictingways. The fact is, every parent and every teenager speaks one of five different love languages, explains Gary Chapman, Ph.D. However, serious conflicts arise when we find ourselves unaware of, or unprepared to speak, our teenagers particular love language. In The Five Love Languages of Teenagersyou will learn to speak your teenagers primary love language Quality Time

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Physical Touch Acts of Service Over the past decade, Dr. Chapmans best-selling book, The Five Love Languages, has helped to transform the emotional climate of hundreds of thousands of marriages, while The Five Love Languages of Children has taught more than 200,000 parents how to express love in the way their young kids are most likely to understand and receive. Now, this highly respected author and counselor offers a wealth of insights on the subject of expressing love to our teenagers and preparing them for their adult years. Discover powerful ways to nurture your teens inner spirit and learn how you can fill his or her love tank to overflowing in The Five Love Languages of Teenagers. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.