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Marriage & Couples Couseling

We have been serving the Coulee Region for the past 20 years, helping our neighbors develop stronger and loving marriages. Our team of professional counselors and therapists are well trained,   up to date on the latest research on marital therapy, and know what is functional and what is dysfunctional in marriages.

Following a thorough marital assessment, we offer a brief educational session followed up with brief therapy (5 to 6 sessions) for common problems in marriages. Other, deeper injuries and lost dreams in marriage may require more sessions (6 to 12). After the initial martial treatment,  a relapse prevention session will be conducted with the couple once every six months for two years. The following issues are applicable for the education and brief therapy module:

  • improving a dull but otherwise functional sex life
  • sex and mismatches in desire
  • sex therapy (erectile dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, dysparunia)
  • financial management, budgeting, planning
  • stress and time management
  • maintaining marital intimacy after the birth of a child
  • setting personal/couple goals for a purposeful life
  • career planning and balancing the needs of marriage
  • exploring dual career issues (sharing housework, family planning)
  • creating fun together
  • creating a spiritual life together
  • creating enjoyable conversations on a regular basis
  • gender differences (what is true and what is not)
  • pre-marital counseling, exploring important areas of marriage
  • adjustments to major life transitions
  • dealing with traumas that affect marriage
  • life organizing skills
  • adjustments to career or job change
  • managing a chronic illness
  • special issues unique to blended families
  • involvement and role of extended family

Our counseling services and workshops for couples have been shown to:

  • Increase intimacy and closeness in a relationship
  • Decrease criticism, contempt, defensiveness and withdrawl during conflict
  • Build a culture of praise and appreciation
  • Increase teamwork in a marriage
  • Assist couples learning to keep conflict from burning out of control
  • Stop couples from pushing each others ‘hot buttons’
  • Start couples working towards comforting each other and delighting in each other
  • Teach couples to negotiate and talk about the most important of aspects of their marriage in a safe and secure way
  • Solve challenging problems of communication, sexual relationships, finances, co-parenting, household chores, fun and recreation, In-Laws, religious differences, and intimacy
  • Craft a marriage the way both partners envisioned the marriage

Benefits include:

  • Increased fondness and admiration
  • Improved friendship
  • Increased positive perspective of your partner
  • reak through and resolve conflict when feeling stuck and spinning your wheels
  • Increased understanding between you and your spouse
  • Keeping conflicts calm
  • Making life dreams come true and honoring each others dreams
  • Creating shared meaning
  • Keeping love alive and going throughout your marriage

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