Homework Hassles: Parenting Children 2 to 12

Homework Hassles
August 2008
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School is right around the corner and brings with it some new challenges that you were able to take a vacation from during the summer – specifically, homework hassles! 1-2-3 Magic! offers various techniques for handling these hassles; routine, natural consequences, assignment sheets, the PNP method, rough checkout and charting for homework. I am going to revisit routine and the PNP method.

Mom and Child Nose to Nose Routine is Critical
As many parents can attest, the worst mistake is to ask a child is if she or he has homework. This simple question often provokes hostility in the child towards the parent and results in frequent arguments. Homework should be a daily routine – done at the same time and the same place as much as possible. Don’t let your child do homework with the TV on as it competes for the child’s attention. Music is fine and can be helpful. Music can help block out household noises and distractions so the child can focus on the assignment.

rachel at table with playdough The PNP Method
This method is one of my favorites. Most parents believe it is there job to correct and point out the mistakes their children make when the child brings the parent an assignment. Of course, it is our job to teach, but how many of you really enjoy when your boss points out the one flaw and overlooks the 10 things you did right. That’s what this method is about “Positive – Negative –  Positive.”
The rule for parents is; whenever a child brings any piece of schoolwork to you, the first thing said must be something positive – some type of praise (remembering to show you the work, their effort, or how well they did overall). After saying something about the child’s effort, you may then make a negative comment (if absolutely necessary). Finally, conclude the conversation with something positive again. This type of response will help your child continue to come back to you again and again. Kids will never want to bring you anything if you follow your natural parent inclinations and shoot from the hip with criticism.

mom holding daughter Other methods
There are other methods that are helpful as well. As experts in our field, our staff often recommend the least intrusive and the most simple to implement – one that leaves the parent feeling good about parenting and proud of their child and the child feeling proud of themselves. The other methods are discussed in the book below and can be discussed in our 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Workshop.

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