False Intimacy



We all long for true intimacy. Many people seek to fill that void by seeking sexual relationships-whether real or fantasized-that promise to provide the relief, acceptance, and fulfillment for which they long. But it is false intimacy. And as Dr. Harry Schaumburg points out, “Sexual intimacy can’t relieve their deep, unmet longings.”

False Intimacy goes beyond behavioral symptoms and willpower-based solutions to provide biblical guideposts for the journey to restoration. With frank honesty, False Intimacy examines the roots behind these kinds of behaviors and offers realistic direction to those whose lives or ministries have been impacted by sexual addiction.

“The finest work available for all who struggle with their sexuality or want to understand and help those who do.”-Dr. Dan B. Allender, author of The Wounded Heart

“More people than we know battle against compelling sexual desires. Dr. Schaumburg thinks through the realities of the battle and offers a biblical perspective with wisdom, clarity, and compassion.”-Dr. Larry Crabb, teacher, counselor, author of Inside Out

“This is the best Christian book on sexual addiction I’ve ever read. Schaumburg goes far deeper than the surface symptoms to expose core issues of this common problem.”-Bob Davies, executive director, Exodus International TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1: What Is Sexual Addiction? Chapter 2: Sexually Addictive Behaviors Chapter 3: What Causes Sexual Addiction? Chapter 4: Hope for Those Who Are Sexually Addicted Chapter 5: Responding to Your Sexually Addicted Spouse Chapter 6: The Recovering Marriage Chapter 7: Women and False Intimacy Chapter 8: Preventing Sexual Addiction in Your Children Chapter 9: Sexual Addiction in the Church Chapter 10: The Church as a Healing Community Chapter 11: Healing for Christian Leaders Appendix A: Indicators of Childhood Sexual Abuse Appendix B: Ministry Resources