About Rylee Pumper

Rylee is an Office Assistant with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd. In this role,
Rylee strives to ensure clients receive the best service possible and always feel cared for and
respected. Before joining Stein Counseling and Consulting, Rylee was an intern at New
Horizons Shelter and Outreach Center where she advocated for victims of domestic violence
and sexual assault. She also works as a Direct Support Professional for youth with cognitive
and behavioral challenges at Chileda. Rylee is a full time student at UW- La Crosse, working
toward a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a double minor in Sociology and At-Risk Youth
and Adolescents. She hopes to attend graduate school and become licensed as an independent
clinical social worker. To contact Rylee, please email rpumper@effectivebehavior.com

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