About Payton Lawson


Payton Lawson is a Parent Educator with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd. In this role, Payton coordinates with a team to serve families’ needs including developmentally appropriate parenting skills, child development, household management, and effective communication skills. A big believer in positivity, Payton supports positive parenting. Passionate about parenting and the powerful and rewarding benefits of doing it successfully, Payton strives to provide services that help parents and gives them the necessary skills and opportunities it takes to be the best parent they can be. Payton has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies. During her time in college, she worked as a child care teacher in two different locations as well as doing some group facilitating and interventions with at-risk youth. Payton’s varied background in child care, group facilitating, and intervention provided the foundation for Parent Education. To contact Payton, please email plawson@effectivebehavior.com.

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