About Kathy Olson

Kathy Olson is the Billing Manager at Stein Counseling and Consulting Services Ltd.  Over the past five (5) years she has worked in a number of positions which has allowed her to become familiar with a wide range of information and to understand how things work.  Kathy has verified insurance benefits for clients and has posted payments received from clients and insurance companies.  She has worked at the front desk where she checked in clients, collected payments, and scheduled appointments.  Currently Kathy supervises five (5) members of the billing team as well as submits claims to insurance, verifies insurance payments received, and helps to get claims paid in a timely fashion.  Kathy’s experiences have allowed her to gain a lot of knowledge that is helpful to our clients.  Feel free to contact her at kolson@effectivebehavior.com or 985-465-0048 with any questions or concerns.

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