About Karen Brandt

Karen Brandt is an Intensive Parent Coach with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services.  In this role, Karen is part of a team that meets with families in their homes and provides parent assessment, education, and support.  This includes skill building in areas such as: child development, household management, effective communication skills, and developmentally appropriate parenting strategies.

Karen is a qualified Parent Coach and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Community Counseling from the Educational Psychology Department of the University of WI – Milwaukee.
Karen is well acquainted with the demands of parenting, having spent 19 years (and counting) as a parent to her 3 children, many of those years in the role of stay-at-home mom.  For the past two years, Karen worked with regular and special education students, aged 4-20 years in her position as a Paraprofessional/Educational Assistant substitute in many school settings.
Before joining Stein Counseling in 2010, Karen worked for 6 years with a diverse range of organizations and populations, including an intermediate care facility for adults with chronic mental illness, and a women’s center serving individuals, teens, couples, and families.  In these roles, Karen was responsible for managing a small group of employees and volunteers – educating, training, and directing them.
Karen’s varied background in case management, counseling, and education provided an excellent foundation for parent coaching.
After a successful career of parenting her own children, Karen now coaches other parents to achieve success with their children.
Karen is passionate about effective parenting and helping others attain this goal.  Her intuitive and caring nature complements her abilities to engage parents and facilitate positive growth.  Karen provides compassionate services that help parents develop the necessary skills to be successful parents.

To contact Karen, please email kbrandt@effectivebehavior.com or call 608.785.7000.

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