About Kara Blumer

Kara Blumer
Kara is a youth tracker in the Youth Solutions program at Stein Counseling and Consulting Services. In this role, Kara meets with one teen client every day to check in to see how they are doing, as well as to learn about the client in order to be an advocate. Kara also helps bring education from outside of school topics to the client to help with day to day living and to help with anything from behavior management to how to get a job. Kara is a student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse (UWL) with a major in Psychology and minors in Criminal Justice and Child and Youth Care. Kara plans to attend Graduate school for Social Work and Criminal Justice.
Kara has an extensive amount of experience in this area having worked as a youth tracker in the past as well as working at a summer camp for inner city children for three years. Kara worked with kids ranging in age from 8-16 at the camp and dealt with behavior management, mentoring, and training kids for wilderness trips. Kara also works at UWL as a Resident Assistant helping college students adjust to on campus living, helping them transition out of on campus living, and teaching everything from when to take a nap to everything there is to know about the LGBT community.
In Kara’s work with young children, teens, and young adults she has gained the skills to positively impact the children in the Youth Solutions program. Kara uses her knowledge gained from direct experience working with kids who share similar backgrounds to those in the program currently.
To contact Kara please email kblumer@effectivebehavior.com or go to effectivebehavior.com
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