About Jenn Heintz

Jenn coordinates all aspects of insurance networks, including mental health benefits verifications, credentialing providers and contracting. Jenn has more than 5 years of experience in customer service, credentialing, and networking. Jenn’s varied background in credentialing, customer service, and education provided the perfect foundation for the Office Assistant/Medicaid Liaison/Credentialing and Contracting Coordinator position at Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd.  As of February 2017, Jenn transitioned into her new role as Clinical Services Manager, supervising Outpatient Therapists and In-Home Counselors.  Jenn also oversees relations with the various counties we serve, in addition to managing the Student Assistance and Sex Offender programs.

To contact Jenn, please call 608-785-7000 ext. 280 or email jheintz@efffectivebehavior.com.

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