About Emily Reigard

Emily Reigard is a Parent Educator with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd. In this role she coordinates with a team providing care, supervision, and support to surrounding communities by educating families on parenting and wellness techniques. 

A big believer in resilience, Emily supports and encourages determination, understanding, and perseverance. 

Emily is a student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse on a path to obtain her Bachelor’s(BA) in Psychology. After obtaining this degree she plans to further her education in the field of psychology by attending graduate school.

Emily has spent time working with people her whole life. Through these years of experience, she has obtained communication, delegation, and interactive skills that continue to help her in this position.

To contact Emily, please email ereigard@effectivebehavior.com or go to www.effectivebehavior.com

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