About Emily Lagerman

Emily Lagerman is a Parent Educator with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services. In this role, she supervises parent-child visits, and works with parents to build skills necessary to strengthen their family dynamic. Emily is a big believer in the importance of the use of education, collaboration, and communication to achieve a healthy and happy home life in which children can thrive. Emily will be graduating with an Individualized Studies degree from Winona State University with an emphasis in Special Education, Psychology, and Child Advocacy Studies. Before joining Stein Counseling, she has worked for many years in educational settings, out-of-home placements for youth, as well as working with families to achieve permanency goals. Emily utilizes these experiences, as well as her education, in order to be an effective Parent Educator. 

Emily can be contacted at elagerman@effectivebehavior.com.

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