About Cecilia Lemon

Cecilia is a Parent Educator with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services. In this role, Cecilia meets with families and provides education on many topics, including child development, household management, effective communication skills, and developmentally appropriate parenting strategies. Cecilia is no stranger to the complications and blessings of parenting. She has gone through much training in child development, behavior, and learning during her 19 years in the education field. She has also extensively studied best practices for working with children with special needs. Her son is a young adult with nonverbal autism. Cecilia has coached several parents to use strategies and techniques to help family relationships. She is passionate about bringing families back together by helping parents learn the necessary skills to be the parent they strive to be and the one their children need them to be. To contact Cecilia, please email clemon@effectivebehavior.com or go to effectivebehavior.com

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