About Cecilia Lemon

When life gives you Lemons…Cecilia Lemon is a Parent Educator and Wellness Coach with Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd. She has a professional background in education and case management. She has trained with the Autism Treatment Center of America where she learned the fundamentals of the Lovass Method, Discrete Trial, and Pivotal Response techniques. More recently, she has gone through training to facilitate parenting classes for Circle of Security and Love and Logic: Special Needs and Trauma Informed. Cecilia is also involved in leadership of a local Celebrate Recovery group in Sparta, WI. Personally, she understands families with extra support needs as she is the parent of an adult child with nonverbal autism. She is very familiar with the challenges and obstacles faced by the family unit and personal battles. Cecilia looks forward to sharing what she has learned along her journey through the maze of life. She is excited to have the chance to walk with others who are going through a similar journey. Her favorite thing to remind people is, “Don’t miss your daily blessings while you are busy wishing things were different.”

To contact Cecilia email clemon@effectivebehavior.com