About Abigail (Abby) Messer

Abby is a Parent Educator at Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd. In this role, Abby meets with families and provides education on many topics, including but not limited to: child development, household management, effective communication skills, and developmentally appropriate parenting strategies. She can be successful with these responsibilities thanks to her four years of education in Psychology and Inclusive Recreation, specializing in mental health diagnoses and at-risk youth. Prior experience is also found in her five years as a Behavioral Program and Therapy Professional; where she created, implemented, and improved upon the goals and skills of youth with developmental disabilities and cognitive differences. Drawing on these many years of therapeutic and goal-oriented experience, Abby now focuses on the developmental and parenting aspects of successful child growth through parent education. She hopes to share her knowledge of youth at critical times in their lives to encourage these parents to put forth their best efforts in raising healthy and happy children, emphasizing those kids that may pose as a greater challenge due to cognitive differences and mental health diagnoses. To contact Abby with questions or service requests, please email amesser@effectivebehavior.com or call (608)352-9113.

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