Wellness Coach

DEPARTMENT:  Community Services

JOB PURPOSE:   As an active, engaged member of a consumer’s team, the Wellness Coach provides hope, encouragement, and support services to a diverse population of program participants who have a range of behavioral health conditions and are at various stages of recovery. Drawing significantly on personal experience with and knowledge of local behavioral health services and other resources, the Wellness Coach helps link individuals receiving services to community resources as directed by that individual’s own recovery journey. The Wellness Coach works closely with CCS Service Facilitators, mental health professionals and other members of the consumer’s team.


The Wellness Coach will:

  • Understand their role and fully participate as an integral part of the professional team.
  • Be mindful of ethics, boundaries, and power and control issues.
  • Establish rapport with clients. 
  • Provide information as to the purpose of wellness and skill development models.
  • Provide respect for the service recipients and honor the person for taking charge of their own life.
  • Set mutually acceptable boundaries especially about “help” and “safety.”
  • Be well informed about trauma, and explore with clients their experiences and support these individuals in getting appropriate resources to help.
  • Be able to assist clients with creating own individual wellness plan.
  • Help persons in crisis explore options that may be beneficial to their wellness and to maintaining stability.
  • Provide culturally sensitive and age specific services. Continue to increase knowledge in this area.
  • Surround clients in recovery, wellness, and hope.
  • Focus positively with clients on emotional growth, strengths, and life (wellness) goals
  • Encourage clients to become self-directed, focus on their strengths, exercise use of natural supports and view themselves as helpful, not just helped.
  • Use active listening skills.
  • Provide resources that are beneficial to their wellness and skill development.
  • Engage members to achieve health management goals through the use of wellness coaching, motivational interviewing, and problem solving techniques.
  • Follow up with clients via phone calls, home visits, and visits to other settings where members can be found.
  • Have ongoing communication with referring sources.
  • Understand and utilize the established supervisory hierarchy to communicate needs, ask questions, mention concerns, etc. (Program needs – Community Services Manager, Clinical needs – Clinical supervisor).
  • Accurately complete and punctually turn in timesheets.
  • Accurately, respectfully, punctually complete all required documentation.
  • Report threats to harm self or others immediately to clinical supervisor and promptly follow through with process of direction given.. 
  • Follow legalities regarding confidentiality, HIPAA and Mandated Reporting.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work will be performed in a range of professional, institutional, and community settings.


  • Be mindful of ethics, boundaries, and core competencies of a Wellness Coach.
  • Professional communication with co-workers, referring professionals, outside agencies
  • Effective problem solving and decision making
  • Able to prioritize work expectations and respond quickly as needed
  • Possess basic knowledge of computers (email, internet, etc) as well as typical office equipment (fax, copier, etc).
  • Possess the ability to work independently, including organizing, planning, and prioritizing work
  • Maintain emotional control under stress
  • Follow Stein Counseling and Consulting Services policies and procedures
  • Resolve conflicts and effectively employ negotiation skills with others
  • Maintain the utmost confidence concerning all verbal and written information whether obtained from service recipients or otherwise.
  • Basic knowledge of how to assist clients with locating community resources (employment, housing, health, etc.)
  • Work or volunteer experience providing wellness services.
  • Ability to exhibit a nonjudgmental approach, effective listening, good eye contact, and positive interactions.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High School Diploma or equivalency and/or College Degree preferred. At least 6 months documented experience providing crisis services.

ANY OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Valid driver’s license, full coverage insurance, and reliable transportation.

SUPERVISED BY: This position will report and receive direct supervision from the Community Services Manager, Clinical Supervisor and referring agents.

HOURS: Daytime/Evening Position:  M-F and possibly weekends. Flexibility is required.

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