Billing Assistant-Collections and Posting Specialist

JOB PURPOSE: The Billing Assistant-Collections and Posting Specialist is responsible for providing administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations with our billing department. 



  • Correspond with clients and insurance companies by phone or through electronic media.
  • Use a personal computer and a variety of office software applications including word processing, email, and file management. Prepare documents in Google Word/Documents from scratch or using predefined templates and form letters. Create or maintain files in Google Excel.
  • Operate other office equipment such as printers, copy machines,and fax machines. May serve as liaison with service and vendor personnel.
  • Assist in resolving problems and ensuring satisfactory customer service.
  • Fax, scan, Cisco secure email, and copy documents.
  • Update and maintain databases/documents, (eg, insurance rate list, EFT collections, Checks Received log, client information as assigned). 


  • Create and maintain the collections spreadsheet and submit clients to Credit Bureau Data (CBD) with outstanding balances 61-120+ days. 
  • Call clients with outstanding balances to try to collect via phone before sending them to collections.
  • Document in TA notes that the client was sent to collections.
  • Make adjustment to TA posting and document that client was sent to collections.
  • Post payments received from CBD.
  • Create and maintain the payment plan spreadsheet.
  • Track payment plans and run credit card payments on the 15th of each month per the payment plan form signed by the client. Document these payments in TA notes and post payments in TA posting.
  • Document payment plan information in TA notes.


  • Research and determine how to correct claims that have been denied by insurance or another payer.
  • Document communication with insurance companies each time a call is made.
  • Meet with Billing Manager at least once weekly to review and resubmit denied claims.
  • Complete forms for client write off requests as necessary.
  • Complete refund request forms for clients and insurance companies as necessary.


  • Run statements weekly per the schedule.
  • Review and identify statements to be sent, collection letters to be sent, clients to send to collections, and problem accounts needing review.
  • Give statements to Billing Manager for review.  
  • Print statements for clients with balances due, scan to TA docs, mail.
  • Mail payment plan form to clients with balances over $200.00 along with the statement.
  • Print collection letters and statements for clients with balances 60-90 days past due, scan to TA docs, mail.


  • Send timely filing appeals to insurances for claims that have been previously worked and continue to be denied.
  • Keep a copy of the appeal paperwork.
  • Document in TA posting that an appeal has been submitted.
  • Document when correspondence regarding appeal status has been received.
  • Post payments for appeals that have been approved.


  • Post payments received by check, EFT, or cash in TA.
  • Document in TA posting that payment was received for insurance companies that electronically post payment.
  • Post and enter payment information for insurance companies where we have to manually enter payments. 
  • Highlight checklog and date/initial when posting for a specific remit has been completed.
  • Post and document denied claims in TA posting. Work these denied claims so they can be corrected and resubmitted.
  • Give secondary claims to Billing Manager so claim forms can be printed.
  • File remits under correct insurance company file.
  • Submit red posting folder to Billing Manager at the end of each day.
  • Scan all remits into Google docs.
  • Secondary claims


  • Make a copy of the original red claim form for primary insurance claim submissions.
  • Make a copy of the original red claim form and a copy of the primary remittance advice for secondary insurance claim submissions.
  • Document in TA posting that claim forms were mailed and to what insurance company they were mailed.
  • Mail primary/secondary claim forms to correct insurance company.
  • File copy of primary claim forms under the correct insurance company.
  • File copy of secondary claim forms and primary remits under the individual client name.


  • Attend and participate in the daily Billing Team meetings. Notify supervisor when unable to attend.
  • Attend quarterly all employee meetings as scheduled. Assist with set-up and cleanup as needed. Notify supervisor when unable to attend.
  • Understand and follow policies and procedures of the Office Assistant department and of Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd., as outlined in the department and agency policy manuals.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled supervision and ongoing evaluation.
  • Develop personal and professional goals annually.
  • Maintain acceptable ratings (75% or better) in all areas on performance reviews (job performance, supervisor ratings, etc).
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities, consistent with this position description, as requested by the Clinic Administrator, Clinical Services Manager and/or President of Stein Counseling and Consulting Services, Ltd.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: General office environment. Work is generally sedentary in nature, but may require standing and walking part of the time. Work is generally performed within an office environment, with standard office equipment available. 


  • Employ effective telephone and interpersonal communication skills
  • Possess competency, proficiency and accuracy with data entry and managing various computer software programs
  • Demonstrate effective organizational and planning skills
  • Possess spirit of teamwork
  • Must be flexible, reliable and adaptable to meet the needs of the agency
  • Consistently make sound decisions and problem solve effectively
  • Communicate professionally with clients, supervisors, peers and persons outside organization
  • Resolve conflicts and effectively employ negotiation skills with others 
  • Possess basic knowledge of computers (Word, email, internet, etc) as well as typical office equipment (fax, copier, etc). 
  • Possess the ability to work independently, including organizing, planning, and prioritizing work 
  • Maintain emotional control under stress
  • Follow confidentiality procedures 
  • Follow HIPAA guidelines, complete yearly training

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High School diploma required; preference given for candidates with a College education. Office Assistant and billing and insurance experience required, preferably in a health or human services setting, dental office, medical office, or related health service oriented environment. 

Computer experience with Mac required.

SUPERVISED BY: This position is supervised by the Billing Manager.

HOURS: Daytime Position:  M, T, W, Th, F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.