Peer Recovery Mentor/Specialist


Peer Recovery Mentor/Specialist

Job Description

SALARY: $15.00-$16.00 per hour

DEPARTMENT:  Community Services – Opioid Grant



JOB PURPOSE:  Work directly with adults who have Opioid related challenges and who are currently incarcerated at the La Crosse County Jail.  If there is additional time available, this person would also work with individuals who have Opioid challenges who are receiving the following types of services: AODA residential, sober living situations, Crisis Program,  those at sober living facilities, etc. who may not be established in treatment services.  Peer Mentor will encourage, motivate and support  individuals to establish or strengthen their recovery.  This employee will work closely with social workers, AODA counselors, mental health professionals, and county administration.  The population will have had and/or currently have issues with Opioid addiction.


  • Represent program to associated agencies/individuals.
  • Receive referrals from ISRS, JSS, jail staff, or probation officer.
  • Meet with referrals to explain the voluntary program to them.
  • Notify referring agent if program has been refused by their referral.
  • Create transitional plan (including current and ongoing) with client.
  • Assist client with three primary areas: housing, treatment, and employment/budget.
  • Follow phase criteria.
  • Co-facilitate SMART meetings weekly in jail.
  • Establish an active presence in the jail
  • Ongoing communication with Probation and Parole Program.
  • Ongoing communication with jail staff including: Director, Chaplain, Social Worker, mental health therapist and JSS
  • Be an active part of the recovery community
  • Actively serve as an advocate for client when and after they leave the jail in areas of treatment, housing, employment, medical insurance/coverage, establishing a healthy support network,  along with other areas of need.
  • Maintain documentation of activities as directed to by supervisors (ISRS and Peer Mentor Supervisor)
  • Follow legalities regarding confidentiality, HIPAA and Mandated Reporting

WORK ENVIRONMENT: La Crosse County Jail and in the community – at agencies, transporting

client, at client’s home, etc.


  • Personal history of opioid abuse/addiction
  • In recovery currently and practicing self care
  • Effective team member
  • Professional communication with co-workers, referring professionals, outside agencies
  • Effective problem solving and decision making
  • Able to prioritize work expectations and respond quickly as needed
  • Resolve conflicts and effectively employ negotiation skills with others
  • Possess basic knowledge of computers (email, internet, etc) as well as typical office equipment (fax, copier, etc).
  • Possess the ability to work independently, including organizing, planning, and prioritizing work
  • Maintain emotional control under stress
  • Follow Stein Counseling and Consulting Services policies and procedures

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High School Diploma and/or College Degree, History of opioid addiction, in recovery, working towards or have Peer Specialist certification. SMART certified or working towards certification preferred.

SUPERVISED BY: This position will report and receive direct supervision from the Peer Mentor Supervisor, and as well as referring agents.

HOURS: Daytime/Evening Position:  M-F and possibly weekends. Flexibility is required.

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